Always the sun

As you defrost your nether regions and wonder what running in shorts and a vest feels like.

As you dream of a cold bottle of water being poured over your head.

As you run through a pocket of cool morning air and you stretch your head back and the sun shines through the trees over head.


Just remember – There’s always the sun

The following is a video from a 14 mile run in the hills of Emilia Romanga.


Only a memory now.

By the way, I realise that my ‘voice over’ skills are shit so hold the smart comments.

Also, interesting factoid – this is part of the route for a 100km run every May from Florence to Faenza.  the Passatore


Or, if my voice over skills are too much to bear (I don speak faster and with less of an undertaker’s tone in real life) try this:




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