When I was 1

I have 40 days left until I crank over to the next decade – 40.

A real sign that the world is getting old.

I know some ultra runners run their age in miles on their birthday. I won’t cod you by leading you to believe that I could do anything of the sort.

Instead I’ll try and do something I think might be almost impossible – blog a year of my life every day until my birthday.

I suspect you’ll actually see 3 or 4 years in a day and then nothing for a while but I’ll give it a shot.

OK, when I was one:

When I was one I had an older sister and no other brothers and sisters. I have to rely on my mother’s memory for these early years as I was not really interested in anything except my willie.

My mother tells me that I was a model child and that ‘I restored her faith in babies’. I think this had less to do with my good behaviour as opposed to my sister’s bad behaviour (for her blog, not mine)

I was a caesarian section and at birth I was allegedly supposed to have been oxygen starved.  My mother told me – several times, and generally in front of my friends – that I was supposed to be brain damaged……and they weren’t wrong – or so she says.

In the first year of my life my paternal grandmother Kathleen Cronin of the Railway Inn at Upton train station died and my maternal grandfather – John McSharry died. He was a printer with the Limerick Leader newspaper and was imprisoned in Derry jail during the war of independence and had been sentenced to death but was pardoned and released once the treaty was signed.  I was named after my father and grandfather (Richard & John).

At the time I was born we lived in Douglas in Cork in a new house (built in 1968) – it is still the family home.

Apart from that I can’t remember a thing about my first year. I think my father was working in Dublin with Dublin County Council or he was working with Cork Corporation – he was a civil engineer.

I think we holidayed in a place called garretstown in Co. Cork – basically a caravan park with a pub called ‘the speckled door’ across the road.

Tomorrow –

When I was 2

Stick with it, I predict it will get more interesting (at about when I was 12 and discovered the opposite sex)


Running –

about 4 miles a day. The snow hasn’t slowed me down and apart from1 fall I have escaped the worst of it.


the house –

Kitchen in, floor nearly completed, table delivered, sofa delivered, all appliances delivered. Won’t make Christmas though which was annoying for an instant and then it was fine.



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