When I was 9

We’re getting close to the end of the year now. this is the time of the year when you look back over you achievements and thank the Lord above that you made it through another one.

If you like a bit of running in your personal life you’ll be taking out the calculator and adding up what the year gave you in total mileage.

If your mileage is down on the previous year you’ll be saying that you ‘ran smarter’. If you ran further you’ll be saying you cracked the nutrition/recovery/endurance puzzle. Or you got laid off from your job and your wife left you.

This year my mileage was (to today) 1,790 miles

This was made up of the following 12 monthly totals:

122, 135, 136, 171, 204, 104, 112, 148, 210, 186, 143, 112.

There was probably another 10 or 20 miles in there that would have been made up of non-garmin logged runs.

I only raced five times this year. This had more to do with  the other distractions in my life (the house extension) rather than my dislike of racing.

Two of these races were a disappointment  – the Mallow and Ballycotton 10 mile races in the first quarter of the year – while the other three were great.

The three good races formed part of an arc of training that stretched from late March through to the end of October and  showed me that if you gather loads and loads of small pieces you can eventually build something big.

These three races saw me develop a good endurance and aerobic base, run a late spring/early summer marathon in a very comfortable time of 3:25 in June and then, after a month or two for recovery, build on this base to add some more strength and endurance. I tested this out in a 15 mile race three weeks before an October marathon that got me home in a PB of 3:18.

I know there is more in me but I don’t know if 2011 is the year to push for a faster time. I fancy an ultra (fancy is the wrong word but you know what I mean) so that might be my goal for 2011.



Holidays in Lahinch were now a thing of the past and we were closer to home in a place called Garretstown. Think no TV, in a field, the bracing Atlantic and nothing to occupy your time and you’re nearly there .

1979 can be summed up by the following mental image:


On a stage.

Dressed in a skintight burgundy tee shirt and tights

Miming ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’

I was the Emperor.

It was International Year of the Child and our third class teacher, who had started life as a trainee priest then moved onto being a primary school teacher and ended up as a highly successful hairdresser, wanted to celebrate the event through the medium of mime. He had  us all on stage miming the Emperor’s New Clothes.

In tights.


The Year of the Child logo was used in conjunc...

Image via Wikipedia

Men in tights

That stays with you.


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