When I was 35

Sorry about the break in service there. I had an ‘actual party’ with lots of friends from the past 40 years. I am only just getting over it mind you – feels like the ‘day per mile’ recovery that comes with a marathon.

Anyway, If I get my head down I can finish this series of posts in the next few days and I can get back to reviewing the wear on my last set on New Balance shoes and the core audience of 5 or 6 who enjoy that and the chaffing of your bits that long distance running can bring you.

2005 was a bit of a seminal year for me. In January I woke up one morning and realised that I didn’t actually need 2,800 calories in order to drive to work, sit in a room typing letters and shouting at people. I probably needed about 1,000 calories less than I was taking in. I wasn’t fat by any stretch but I was well fed.

I'm the one on the right with the moobs













I realised that if I exercised moderately – about 1km of swimming at lunchtime and cut out the food that your mother told you was ‘good for you’ when you were 10 – i.e. slab loads of cheese sandwiches and beer (the beer was from when I was 15, mind you) – and ate the food that all the nervous mice in the health food store were into then you’d eventually loose a bit of the puppy fat.

So, by March I looked like this:

Less beer, more exercise













Back in 2005 the Tiger was roaring loud and proud. this meant that if you thought something over priced wasn’t worth it you could be deported. Seriously, if you commented on the ridiculous cost of anything you’d get a look form people that suggested that you needed to take more of the pills you were on.

For me, back then in the land of 1 child, I needed to change the motorbike. I wanted to get a new BMW R1200GS (will mean nothing to you if you don’t know bikes) which was the dog’s. The problem with Ireland was that if you put your money down in April you might get the bike in October. And the money. How does €18,000 grab you?

I did what any idiot would do. I bought one directly from BMW in Germany for €12,500. I flew to Cologne, slept on a friends floor, bought the bike for cash (I can barely order beer in german), registered it with export plates and drove from Cologne to Cork. Easy peasey, lemon squeezy.


By July I was looking like this:

Make-up can take pounds off you












So, I changed jobs around the same time and haven’t changed since. This job signified the end of my career shouting at people for a living and the start of a more subtle phase in my career (or so I like to think). I had spent the first 6 months of 2005 mulling over the career change and had made a list of reasons to change job. In the end the only reason to change job was because rather than drive 25 miles each way I could cycle to work.

So I changed jobs and still cycle to work.

Anyway. Once I changed jobs the opportunity to swim at lunchtime was gone.

the following photograph is important for a number of reasons.

My haircut is not one of the important reasons.

Sunrise November 2005 Lanzarote













This photograph is important because it was taken the day after my first run in over 20 years. I had run a mile up and down the beach and couldn’t believe how easy it felt and and how much I’d enjoyed it.

I got back on the plane home determined to buy a pair of runners and have a go.

I did (both buy the shoes and have a go) and spent much of the first 3 mile run doing ‘stretches’ as I worked on not forcing up my lungs.

That said, I was hooked.


But hooked.

I’m still not great (not crap either) but still hooked.

Oh, yea,

In 2005 we worked out to have more babies and our next one was born in January 2006.

More on that tomorrow.





















One response to “When I was 35

  1. A lot of white space there — is it snowing or something? Yes, the GS Adventure was my dream bike for a while. Decided I wasn’t going to be riding around Australia any time soon. If I was, that’d be the bike. My mate had a Tiger — now has a V-strom 650, which is a good ‘town bike’.

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