When I was 36

2006 got off to a great start.

for me anyway.

We had our second baby, Hannah, on the 4th of January. My wife got through this one without any drugs so wasn’t in great form at the end of it. Pia was thrilled to have a sister and it took about another 6 months before she finally got fed up with her  – ‘she can’t walk, she can’t talk and she cries all day’

The nurses are getting younger and younger!

One eye is half brown/half green

As anyone who has had more than one child with testify to, having number 2 changes the game. I am still catching up on sleep from 2006.

2006 was one of those years in the middle of a decade where you struggle to put it in context from the year before and the year after. They always tend to form a bit of a collage of memories.

The main hooks for my memories of 2006 were my increasing interest in running.

I was able to run 5 miles by March and ran my first Ballycotton 10. I also started on my long relationship with my physiotherapist  and realised that I had the biomechanics of a giraffe. I finished that race in a pedestrian 84 minutes but the amazing finisher’s prize of a coffee cup, a banana and a snickers bar meant I was committed to doing more and more races.

After I got over the injury I didn’t know what to do in terms of training. Everything was running balls out until you collapsed. Runs were generally somewhere between 4 and 6 miles. In October we (me, my brother in law and his friend Fiach) ran the Cork to Cobh 15 mile race. When we passed the 10 mile mark we all looked at each other and said: ‘All new from here’ .

The longest training run for this  race was an 8 miler the previous weekend . Hard to fathom now that I look back on it.

Away from running the big holiday was our road trip. We took our two kids, put them in the back of a 1971 Mercedes and drove through Wales, England, Spain, over the pyrenees, down to Perpignan and then back up through France to Roscoff and then the ferry to Cork.

I must have been mad.

On the way home with co-pilot

Which one would you go on a road trip in?


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