When I was 40

This was 2010 and I was really 39 but because I started the first one of these posts as ‘when I was 1’ instead of ‘when I was 0’ so think of it as my 40th year.

As luck would have it I got a new pair of NB 1064s in the post on Thursday so I’ll be back to blogging about them next week. Because toy are phasing these ones out for a new model line for 2011 (NB 1080’s) they’re giving them away at just Stg£62.

Anyway, 2010.

There were a few big things for me in 2010.

One was a steady progression on the marathon front. I adopted the aerobic base building approach where you do lots of running in the lower hearth rate zones and work on things like endurance and strength through long runs and hills. It seemed to work for me as I clocked in a 3:25 in June and a 3:18 in October. More importantly than the times was the fact that I enjoyed the training more than any other year. It was one of those training cycles where you were looking forward to 7:00am on a Sunday morning.

Another was starting this blog. I allowed me to pour the random ideas that form the background noise in my head onto some virtual paper and leave it posted for strangers to read – the electronic version of writing ‘Here I sit broken hearted, came to shit and only farted’. on the back of a toilet in the 1970’s.

The holiday for last year was Italy again. Only this time we drove from Ireland to Italy. A great idea in January but a bit trickier in July when you have a car full of kids and a reluctant wife. Still, we made it there and back all still married to each other and alive.

The main thing about 2010 was the building of an extension to our house.  Lots of stress but worth it in the end.

January 2010











Still January 2010










Still January 2010




February 2010

Still February 2010












March 2010












Still March 2010












April 2010








May 2010
















June 2010












August 2010











September 2010












October 2010












November 2010 - water feature












December 2010












February 2011
















February 2011













February 2011
















February 2011




4 responses to “When I was 40

  1. amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it!
    I can’t even face DIY let alone rebuild my house!!!
    When I was 40 I felt old, now as I reach 50 I feel kind of young :]

  2. Well worth the wait – the extension i’m talking about, looks great.

  3. I could not face the stress of a building project like that, but it looks absolutely fabulous. Enjoy it for the next 30 years.

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