Tight ass

Spoiler alert:

This is mainly about running.

After lots of faffing about I’ve decided to train for the Cork Marathon. This will be on the first Monday of June so plenty of time to get it together and get injured.

Which is exactly what I’ve done. My good/bad knee – the left one – has continued to be a bit of a pest but I am still able to knock out 6 runs a week.

Its the iliosacaral joint that is causing the real problems. This came up last year and the year before as well. It is the culmination of all the crappy biomechanics that go on from the hips to the toes – y’know, if your feet can sustain the eccentric forces, and your knees can and all the muscles and ligaments can then the hips/pelvis is where the injury will present itself.

Normally I’d linger on on the injury for a few more weeks but this time I’ve booked myself into the physiotherapist for a few sessions so I can get it sorted.  The first one was last night – an 8 O’clock rendezvous with a man who leans over me as I lie there in my underpants.

Still, I had the same injury last year in May for the same marathon and still put in a 3:25.

How I’ll approach this marathon I don’t know. Will I try and PB the course – that should be possible as a 3:24 would be 6 min slower than Dublin last October  – or should I try and use it as one of those ‘long training runs’ you hear all the ultra folk talk about.

It would be a novel experience trying to run it as an ‘ easy jog’ and seeing how well you’d get on.

My training plan for this (once the injury sorts itself out) is going to be the same one as Dublin and Cork from last year:

Basically – 6 runs a week:

Monday – off; Tuesday 4 miles slow; Wednesday 6 – 12 miles easy; Thursday 6 miles recovery; Friday 4 miles slow; Saturday 7.5 miles hills; Sunday LSR – 12 – 24 miles.

For easy, LSR, slow and recovery I  might as well just have written  slower than a marathon pace and at a HR lower than 150.

Last week I did about 40 miles on one of these cycles: 4, 6, 6, 4, 7.5, 12 – and had hips so tight that if I ate coal I’d shit diamonds.

If I was serious about my running I’d join a club and start doing track sessions and conditioning and all that stuff but as it is I generally run for head space.

An enjoyable training cycle with no catastrophe on race day makes me happy.

Next job will be to pick an ultra marathon.

And then get permission to enter it.

And then run it and keep my mouth shut about the pain and torture of it.


4 responses to “Tight ass

  1. 40 mile River Ayr Way Challenge in September followed by the Scottish Ultra Marathon Series Ball in Ayr. Sorted.

  2. I was wondering why there was no sign of you in Ballycotton.

    The obvious ultra choice is Connemara.

    • Connemara is just too early, unless I went for 2012. I think Dave’s idea about a medium distance ultra would be better and something like September would suit as I could take a few weeks off for the summer holidays.

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