St Patrick’s Day

We went to the parade today and once again I was impressed by the diversity of our culture.


When I was a kid the parade was a miserable drizzly depressing event where you stood behind some fucker with a hat smoking Carrolls or Major and rain dripping down your neck as a series of Irish Dancers streamed past on the pack of articulated lorries and the highlight was where a whole load of tractors and New Holland combine harvesters rolled past.

Today I counted the following nationalities pass us:

Polish, Angolan, Filipino, Serbian, Indian, Chinese, Hungarian, Lithuanian and loads of African drumming groups.

If you made me choose who I had to run away with I’d say a Hungarian girl. – For a start they invented Biros, Colour TV, the Rubik Cube, Bulbs, vitamin C and Zeppelins.

That said, There was an all-girls roller derby team – The Rebel County Rollers – Who could have their wicked way with me if they wanted. Think lipstick, hot pants and roller stakes.


Roll Baby, Roll



Anyway, Ireland is a better place for it but I’d say the visiting Americans were a little puzzled.

Here’s a good flash mob from this morning if you like you Irish a bit more traditional!



2 responses to “St Patrick’s Day

  1. Looks and sounds like it was quite the interesting event….


  2. But what about the Guinness?

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