Happy Birthday Stuart

I am lucky enough to have 3 brothers-in-law.

Lucky that my 3 sisters are all married off and lucky that all 3 of the guys are great – despite their weird sexual preferences (i.e.wanting to sleep with my sisters).

One of them is called Stuart and he comes from America but lives a life of quiet domesticity in suburban London. He’s the sort of American who looks healthy all the time. He makes eating pizza and drinking beer seem like the nutritious thing to do. He makes my life of porridge and seeds seem like a waste of time.

And today is Stuart’s birthday so Happy Birthday old man!

Happy birthday Stu

In other news I’d like to wish good luck to Thomas in his quest this weekend. All I can say is you seem to have enjoyed the training so the race will be the cherry on top.

I took today off from my running as I am developing a rattling chest and running in the rain doesn’t seem either big or smart. I’m also very busy at the moment so a day off was welcome.


3 responses to “Happy Birthday Stuart

  1. Stuart is healthy looking, American and a pizza and beer lover. The first on the left?? Surely not the bearded fella in combat trousers!! 😉

    • And he’s the wrong side of 45 (I think) so he is living proof that pizza and beer are the key to eternal youth.

      well done on the weekend 2 weeks ago. You look happy and more surprisingly, so does Lee!

  2. Thanks, mate. Actually the race wasn’t quite as enjoyable as I thought it would be, but I sure enjoyed the finish!

    Niamh’s happy because she thinks the madness will stop now. Where did she get that idea from?

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