Today I shovelled, barrowed and raked 8 tonnes of gravel.

4 tonnes at lunchtime and 4 tonnes at teatime.

In between I took a break by running 4 milles.

In the evening my brother-in-law helped so it seemed easier. He did comment that it seemed a lot like the road crew scene from Cool Hand Luke (I assume I’m the Paul Newman character).

All I can say is that if this is expected for the next two communions (I’m raising 3 soilders for Holy God) I think God would be cool with me having a ‘failure to communicate’ moment. (I’m still Luke Jackson!)


3 responses to “Gravel

  1. Stuart Rittschof

    Go Rich! Go Rich!

  2. It’s not like you broke rock. You spread it. And sure isn’t that what you went to college to learn.

    • Finally after nearly 18 months of blogging I’ve worked out what gets my family commenting on my posts. It’s not sore nipples or witty observations about life. No, it’s gravel.

      Next post will have to have some stones in it.

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