Living with greatness

This post is not about how my wife and family have to live with me on a daily basis although from the post title I could fully understand how you might make that mistake.

For those of a 2 legged exercise persuasion this little story should strike a chord.

Every amateur jogger has a running  hero. It might be someone from your childhood  – for me it was Eamon Coughlan – or it might be an elite from the modern era – I have a bit of respect for Ryan Hall – .

My hero changed the other day.

I was out for the 4 mile pre-work run yesterday morning and as I approached a group of ordinary looking runners I recognised one of them as being Rob Heffernan – he of 4th place in the European Championships 20k & 50k in 2010.

They hadn’t started training when I approached them but were setting up to measure a course with a trundle wheel.

As I approached I let out a ‘Hiya Rob’ – like we were down the pub every Friday night.



this is the bit I’ll tell my grandkids,


He says ‘How’s it goin’? You’re lookin’ good’ – and he should know, what with him being able to walk a marathon faster than I can run one.

Needless to say, I ran the last mile home on the balls of my feet and felt about 12 feet tall.

Life is all about living for the moment and trying not to wish all your today’s away for tomorrows that never come (I should have been the lyricist for a rock ballad band – Bryan Adams is playing as I type this in a live concert about 500m from my house which might be influencing my train of thought) and I reckon that right now is a great time to be alive –

especially if Rob Heffernan says I’m lookin’ good.




5 responses to “Living with greatness

  1. The good ones know/naturally express kindness and encouragement.

  2. Met Rob in the swimming pool a while back – we chatted while our girls played. Seemed like a genuine guy. IMHO he’s one our best and most undervalued athletes ever and Scott is right! Rob must be GOOD cause he recognized your greatness the rest of us never spotted it!!!! Now that it’s been pointed out I can’t imagine how we missed it. 🙂

  3. He sounds like a good bloke. Funny, but most of the ‘elite’ race-walkers are good blokes/sheilas. Nathan Deakes will always give you a wave.

  4. are you sure it was you he was talking to ?
    maybe he spotted another athlete.. hehe

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