The first beer of holidays

My ultra marathon training is currently following David Waterman school of ultra marathon training – basically owning shoes, a bottle of wine and a strong self-belief that anything is possible as long as you want it hard enough.

So now is a good time to go on holidays and get some perspective on it all. If I don’t come back from sunny Itlay with the mental strength of a long distance runner coursing through my veins I will have a long lonely summer of climbing down from my high horse of boasting about my running plans.

Still, as I sit here now, in 25 degree evening heat, typing these words out on the internet equivalent of a semaphore – the screen is so small I can only see half of each sentence I’m typing – I have a great view of the perspective a holiday can bring to you.

The holiday ((yesterday) didn’t get off to the best start with a 5 hour delay in the flight and leaving Rome airport at midnight for a 490km drive north.

We pulled into our hoilday accommodation at exactly 04:44 and the 3 kids decided to wake up just as we were about to drop dead. We did get 2 hours sleep until the smallest one work up and the last 17 hours have been a blur of sun and small micro tasks kids think up like the perverse guards of a concentration camp where there is no gas chamber and you can never escape.

But as the pizzas arrived this evening and Dad (That’s me for any first time readers) sucked down his first holiday beer life felt good. All the guilt about not training floated away and I was able to relax.

Now, well into the holiday beer season the dreams of heat and hills might give way to pizza and beer – the real home of the dad.




One response to “The first beer of holidays

  1. Sounds like perfect training for the River Ayr Way mate. In fact I had a discussion with Lee that went something like: ‘I’m not running the WHW next year, it takes too much out of me.’ ‘What about the River Ayr Way?’ ‘Oh yeah, I’m doing that. I can do that on one training run.’

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