The beating of the devil

I won!

From what I know Jesus spent 40 days and 40 nights alone in the desert testing himself against the devil.
A total waste of 39 and a half days.
What he needed to do was come on holiday with me and then after a day on the water slide at the pool with the kids go and run up a very steep 1.6 mile zig zag hill.
As his heart rate crept up and over 180bpm and the temperature pushed on over 30 deg C he would hear the devil on every switchback turn say ‘take a break, you’ve nothing to prove!’
Every year (for the past 4) the devil has had his way with me and I have been reduced to a soaking mess trying to suck oxyegen from the hair-dryer dry air as I pray that that is the low point of my running year.
But not this year – This year I heard him but pushed on, and on, and on.
And the photograph above is proof that victory is very fuckin’ painful. Dizzy head and wobbly legs painful.
The run back down the hill wasn’t much better but the devil has been beaten.
Apologies for the large gaps in the post – world war 2 computers are not the best!

2 responses to “The beating of the devil

  1. Looking at the photo, are you absolutely sure you won?

  2. Well Jesus did learn to walj on water which is a pretty cool trick in anyones books and I’m sure the Devil will get his revenge by making you drink and eat to excess making you run like Mr Blobby!
    hope you left the 2nd WW machine gun at home!

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