Blogging from work

I don’t usually blog from work – no correct that, I never blog from work (The Man might be watching!) but this afternoon is special.


I work in a city centre office building with the river outside my window. At lunch time today 3 bottle nosed dolphins swam up the river past my office building.

They were joined by a seal who swims around the river as well.

Now, I don’t know where you live or what the water quality is like in the rivers and seas near you but in the 6 years I have been warming this seat this is the first time dolphins have swum up the river. (We did have killer whales a few years ago).


Anyway – this is my best photo(from my phone) :

What's that flipper?

Also, running has been non-existent since last week as I had a very sore IS joint on holidays and when asked to choose between the water slide with my kids and running (for running read trying not to be hit by Italian drivers) in 30 degree heat the water slide won out.


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