Blink and it’s gone

Before I start this blog post (a very important one as well) I have just had a look at the top 10 searches that lead people to my blog yesterday.

In there are the following search terms:

How do I control my arousal?

A cold spoon works for me but this blog is not the answer.

Pissing in a taxi

How can this have anything to do with my blog google? How?

Hirsute guys

I have the body hair of a young Japanese boy.

Living for greatness

This is probably the only one that has turned up a good result for the person searching for an answer.

At least someone is getting a laugh out of this.


Anyway, the purpose of the blog:

Anybody who has spent enough time sucking down air on the planet knows that most of what you have you only have on loan. On a temporary pass from oblivion. And most of what you think you control or have created you have only done because of the people near and far who support you.

For me, today is one of the big days where I get to sit and get a bit of perspective on these things.

Today we are married 10 years.

And it feels like it has passed in the blink of an eye.

I remember every detail of the day from the pre-marathon nerves to the feeling of euphoria as we slugged champagne in the back of an old car.

My abiding memory of the day was happiness and tinged with a curious feeling that I could not place. Not sadness, not regret but a wondering why I had been so reluctant to get married.

The reluctance I had had was the sort of feeling you have when you are pissing about in ankle deep ice cold water as opposed just diving in.

The last 10 years have been great and without Finola you would not be reading this blog.

My only hope for the future is that time slows down a bit so I can linger a bit longer and enjoy the next 10 years even more (assuming Finola doesn’t get fed up of my inability to move beyond being 14 years old.)


3 responses to “Blink and it’s gone

  1. Great post Richard!
    But if you want the next ten years to go slower, you’re going to have to come over here and marry my wife 😉

    Scott aka (Hirsute guy)

  2. Congratulations, Rich. I’ll buy you a deep fried mars bar very soon.

  3. Congrats Richard, tomorrow i’ll be through the next 10 years plus one – the years go faster if anything. Well done on the long training runs – RAW will be a doddle.

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