I don’t really do much ‘photo-blogging’. This has as much to do with the fact that this blog has a ‘theme’ (they way it looks when you’re reading it) that is a bit narrow.

That tends to make my words seem more important that they actually are. You should see this drivel when I’m actually typing it up. It looks miserable – Like Lisa Minnelli without make-up.

Also, I am bothered by the fact that a lot, not all mind you, of the photo-blogs  I’ve seen are an exposition of how ‘good’ people are with cameras. Y’know, they can make a bog look like something from the Lord of the Ring – all lavender mist and buxom medieval babes – and not a bog covered in sheep shit.

And I get the niggling feeling that there is a bit of the old sit-down-and-have-a-look-at-my-holiday-snaps-why-don’t-ya thing going on.

But, as you can guess, I’m doing the blogging equivalent of patting the sofa seat next to me as you prepare to be bored to death by my holiday snaps.

Except, I have such a flashy camera that takes such massive photographs I can probably only show you two at a time or I’ll use up all my space on the free blog world and end up having to pay for this thing.

Still, as I’m not doing much running at the moment there could be loads of these photographic interludes!

These were taken last April when we had our summer in Cork – except nobody told us.

They were taken around Shandon in Cork City.  You can read all about it here.

Just so the running readers of this blog don’t think I’m forgetting them mile 2 of the Cork City marathon runs left to right along the quay in the middle of the photograph and mile 26 runs right to left on the opposite side of the quay and is not as much fun as mile 2.

Also, Grellan lives in the top right hand corner of the first photograph.

To see the pictures in their real glory you probably have to ‘click’ on them.

View south from Shandon


I never saw those convicts until I looked at the photographs tonight.


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