Soup strainer

I have this app on my phone call androidify.

It turns the little green android figure that acts as the Ronald McDonald of the operating system into anybody you like.

I know that’s all a bit Tomorrow’s World but it’s a great way of keeping kids quiet.


Me in October

This is the work of my 5-year-old. The coffee, short hair, sun glasses, runners and smart phone I get. The parrot – I’m not sure.



Me in November

This is how they modified it for November.

I still don’t get the parrot.


I entered the Ballycotton ’10’ today (early March 2012). This is counter intuitive to all my plans for long slow runs in 2012 but my brother-in-law wants to run it so it will give me a focus for the next few months.  The thing is normally won by someone in the 49 – 51 minute zone but I live in the ‘breaking 70’ zone with all but my first effort hovering between 67  – 73 minutes.

At the moment I’m in the ‘breaking 80’ zone!



One response to “Soup strainer

  1. I think the wee lad has you confused with the Pirate 😉

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