The man who would be king

I know I start more posts than I should with the lines: This post has nothing to do with running.

This is a spot the difference competition.

Below are two images.

One is of a ruggedly handsome athlete of Celtic origins with a tendency for the dramatic.

the other is of a toupee wearing ex-body-building Scottish milkman.

See if you can see which is which.

Handsome celt or milkman?

Handsome celt or milkman
















I’ve had a whole heap of calls from people (mainly men) to keep the Victorian explorer look but I think it will be coming off.  Not least because it makes me look older than my mental age (14).

This is me on a good day (good day = sun, sleep, beer, pizza, family & ice cream)

the turned up collar was an accident (for all mouthing the word 'wanker')


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