Dog bites man

Most of my blog posts are

  1. not about running
  2. cryptically titled in order to get you thinking  ‘ooh, that’s interesting…..’

This one is the black swan of blog posts.

I was bitten by a dog while out running.

When I say bitten I don’t mean snappy yelping of an excited terrier.

I mean ‘escape from Colditz’ bitten.

It was a classic example of a dog bred for guarding and aggression being paired with a moron who didn’t realise this.

I’m not afraid of dogs so I answered the canine aggression with my own middle aged man (think junior victor meldrew) aggression and the dog was under control pretty quickly – although still very aggressive.

Bold man and dog with sharp teeth

I didn’t turn into a werewolf as a result of the bite but I did turn into Angry Citizen so I phoned the police and got them to come along and be all shouty at the moron with the dog.

small but deep - like my thoughts

Joking aside, if this had been a child’s face and not my leg I don’t think there would be as much humour in the whole thing.

As a result of that I’m going to see it out on the legal side.

I ended up with a trip to the doctor and a dose of antibiotics and a tetanus jab.

And bite marks on my leg.

I taste like dog food

My biggest fear from the whole thing is that I’ll become afraid of dogs or to put it in different language – disproportionately risk averse to dogs.

I’m also doing the Marcothon which is giving me a good excuse to drop my runs from 4 miles to 3 miles.


7 responses to “Dog bites man

  1. Stuart Rittschof

    Geez! Running is even worse for you than I thought! You gotta stop that stuff… : 0

  2. You shudda bit de dog

  3. bloody moron not able to control his dog. Wish u’d kicked the bloody animal

  4. I wish you’d kicked the owner. DW’s answer to ANY sort of wound is Sudacrem 😉

  5. Can’t believe the owner would be that stoopid. Effing Eegit.

  6. Call that a bite??? Your dog tale has prompted me to black cat you on my own blog.

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