Up the rebels

Up the rebels!




















This shot was taken on the camera phone at some sort of invented ‘fun day’ called the World Busking Festival. The blue thing behind the tower is called the sky.

The county colours in Cork are red and white – the blood and bandages and we are known, with envy, as the rebels as opposed to some of the less cool names (Lily whites, Yellow Bellies, The Royal County, the Cats?).



2 responses to “Up the rebels

  1. Dam thought my eyes had gone funny again, ha you have that snow effect going again!
    I’m going to start a sky festival next summer
    You pay 10 pounds to lay down on a grassy field and look up at the sky and clouds, you can stay as long as you want, but after dark you have to pay another 10 pounds to watch the stars all night!
    I think it might catch on and make me a million :0]

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