Secret handshake

Masonic Symbolism

Every August there is an open doors day in Cork. It might be September but it’s around that time of year anyway.

the masonic lodge in Cork is a completely anonymous building from the outside but once you get inside the doors it is like a parallel world of ancient symbols and heraldic costumes.

A bit like Monty Python and the holy grail.

Most of the symbolism is pretty benign and relates to orders of Templar knights and all that sort of stuff but the predominance of the Death’s Head is quite noticeable.

To most of us the Death’s head or totenkopf has strong fascist symbolism but everybody seems to have some association with it.

Branches of the French, British, Russian, Portuguese, American, Australian, Chilean, Swedish, Italian, Estonian and South Korean military have sported the Death’s Head on their uniforms.

I assume the Masons use it as a memento mori but I may be wrong – not knowing any secret handshakes or anything.


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