House of Card(board)

To understand Ireland in 2011 and what the ‘economic crisis’ has done to us you just need to look at this photograph.

First I though the image was ironic; then I thought it was a metaphor for our situation and now I’m not sure so I’m going to call it an ironic metaphor.

(If you’re having trouble understanding that just think of the diner scene from Pulp Fiction where Samuel L. Jackson ponders Eziekiel)

All around Ireland we have fantasitc developments of glass and steel, beautiful apartments, shiny and clean.

All that is missing are the tall, thin stick figure  people who normally occupy these sorts of dream buildings.

For, you see, they are all empty.

They all now sit as ‘assets’ in a government agency known as NAMA.

Assets but empty.

This photograph shows the inside of one such folly – a building in Cork known as The Elysian – as if that name would make it more exotic – You can’t polish shit as I always tell myself.

The art students have constructed a fully working shop (you should see the inside of it) out of cardboard and I’m sure that somewhere in my brain after several pints of beer the flimsy carboard shop represents something to do with consumerism being the new religion and siting it in an empty skyscraper means something else as well.

you decide.


3 responses to “House of Card(board)

  1. The shop is nice and cosy and has no windows out on the lofty glass and light building around it. Maybe consumerism is a nice warm shop which protects us from loftier concerns that may not be so cosy – but its made of a delicate structure and could collapse easily. I haven’t had a couple of pints yet but its only 10 in the morning. I am enjoying your current thing by thing approach to blogging but the snow interferes with scrolling down somehow…

    • Hi Mary,
      You know more about consumerism than I do!
      This splurge of photo-blogging will only last until the end of the month at which point I’ll return to my normal one-a-week comments on my sore knees and how slow I am.

      I’ll try to turn off the snow

  2. Eek, don’t turn off the snow on account of me!

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