Deutsch Bananen

I couldn’t stay away from the running for more than a week!

I ran my first marathon in Cologne in 2007 with a training schedule approaching that of Dave Waterman (1 long run).

The marathon went as expected – I finished about 25 minutes off my scheduled time but I did manage to duck under the 4 hour mark by 33 seconds (you never forget these sort of facts).

As it was my first marathon I bought all the souvenirs and have zealously cropped all of the photgraphs so that all you can see is my grimacing face and strained muscles.

But this is the real photograph –

So, if I was to give you some profound advice it would be:

for every major achievement in your life there’s always a bunch of germans dressed as bananas to spoil it for you.

Still, they had free beer at the end of the marathon, which was nice.


One response to “Deutsch Bananen

  1. I’d heard about the photo with the bananas but didn’t think it would see the light of day.

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