Brighton Beach Memories

Click on it, it’s too big for this blog post and looks much better in full size.

A few year ago we spent new year’s day in Brighton visiting family.

Apart from the bitter, bitter cold the only memories I have of Brighton are of it having a shit beach (i.e. shingle), being a bit of a white middle class middle aged enclave and having two piers.

This is one of them – seen better days and all that.

The other one is still bustling and at the far end of it there is a fairground carousel.

The sort with the horses called Dobbin and Trigger that go up and down as the whole thing spins around.

Except this one has giant cockerels with two seats on them.

When I was there,there were two girls (ladies, over 18, etc) sitting on this cockerel and laughing as it went up and down, up and down.

My 14 year old brain nearly exploded!


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