Blonde Bombshell

You’ve never been to Ireland?

You have an image in your head about what it’s like but you’re not sure you have it right or not?

This image, taken at the Luas stop outside Heuston Station in Dublin should set you right.

From the left we have the side of a fella in pinstripes.

they are so cartoonishly pinstriped that he must be a barrister.

The next guy is what the benevolent would call ‘the new Irish’ or a taxi driver would call ‘a non-national’. Basically hard working and his kids will form the basis of the Irish Soccer and Olympic squads from about 2018 onwards.

The next guy (reading the paper) is a man who is ‘up for the day’. He’s wearing his only suit and has slaughtered his golden retriever in order to fool the Luas driver into thinking he’s 18.

He probably made millions selling land for a new motorway somewhere in Tipperary.

Then, in the background,  you have a group of what you’d call ‘old Irish’. A couple of ladies and a fella who has relied on his personality rather than his looks.

And finally you have a girl who is from somewhere east of Berlin. Fluent in 3 or more languages and onto her second degree.

Not a leprechaun in sight – (excluding the guy with the Robert Redford hair).


One response to “Blonde Bombshell

  1. Thought straight away of “Jack Toupee” – but he doesn’t have a white lab-coat on!!!

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