The Vogels

A few posts back I mentioned that Berlin seemed, to me anyway, to be marketed as the front-line of the cold War and the dominance of new steel and glass buildings seems to tell a story about how the ideology of democracy/capitalism/individualism won in the end.

If you look hard enough you can see evidence of the other war that took place in Berlin in the 20th Century.

These little cobbles tell a tragic story of the people spirited away in the night, never to be seen again, because of the holocaust.


4 responses to “The Vogels

  1. Work is obviously busy at the moment

  2. Hi Rich – you’ll find them in many German towns these days – even here in Roßdorf (small and all as it is). They call them Stolpersteine – Stumble Stones – maybe hoping that when people stumble over them they’ll remember even if only for a moment! Funny you should post this now – J. and I were just talking about the ones in Roßdorf about an hour ago (as a follow on to me just finishing Sarah’s Key- good book – left me feeling bruised!!)

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