One of the things you realise if you play with a camera for long enough is that the most interesting images come from being able to see things with a different perspective.

That’s why holiday shots always seem to produce more of these images. You are attuned to seeing the world with a different perspective because you don’t have the time to develop a cognitive pattern for your environment (a flashy way of saying nothing is familiar).

But, sometimes,if you’re just lazy about tidying up your kids toys, you can get different perspectives right outside your back door.

click on the image – he even looks cold with the frost growing off his back!


2 responses to “Perspectives

  1. Fabulous pic! I am loving all the posts of images lately!

    • Thanks Jean, only 4 more days to go and it’ll be back to the normal moaning about my running!
      I’ll have to break it to the new followers who think I’m some sort of photo-blogger!

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