No, Delete That One!

Behind every mediocre husband is a long suffering wife who insists on having all photographs of her deleted.

This is probably the only shot you’ll see of my wife as she is, like J.D. Salinger, keen to stay private.

This image is from west Kerry – some pub on the Dingle Peninsula west of Dingle itself. It was one of those sunny but blustery July days and we were doing all those things that try and balance the wants of children and the needs of their parents – playing on the beach versus wandering through some pottery shop.

This image is summarised by children eating Tayto and drinking lemonade from the bottle with a straw, the mums drinking tea or fizzy water, a bowl of chips being passed around and the dads having an early pint of Guinness.

The pub is as dark as the day is bright and all is good.



5 responses to “No, Delete That One!

  1. Great use of natural side lighting – thanks

  2. Has she hurt you yet??? Or does she know??!!

  3. looks like TPs in Ballydavid to me Richard (an old haunt of ours), maybe not?nice picture though, the wife will be happy with that one, best wishes for 2012.
    ps – some running updates would be good

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