Time Passes II

Here she is again in 2010.

What her daughter is doing with all the toys was starting to puzzle me at this stage.

Before you all shut down your computers and head off to make merry (assuming you start drinking at 5:00pm and miss the last post) I just want to say thanks for clicking on my blog in 2011.

I hope you enjoyed it more than you didn’t, if you know what I mean.


3 responses to “Time Passes II

  1. Come on, last photo! 🙂

    She’s looking distinctly older here. Did you get a chance to speak to her or her daughter?

    • Five past five this evening and it’s all over. I took these shots from the hip as I wandered past as I was concious of intruding.

      I think the mother had dementia as she seemed out of it.

      I have little Italian so I wouldn’t have been able to ask her anything.

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