Going Home Present

If you’ve started following this blog in the last month because I am a bit handy with a camera I have some bad news for you.

If you click on any blog post before early December 2011 you’ll see that I’m actually a bit of a moany-fast-approaching-middle-age-runner of no ability.

Don’t feel bad, and if you don’t want to keep getting e-mail up-dates about how sore my knees are you should probably click the un-follow button.

The bad news for the rest of you is that I’m going to start on the running posts after this post (sometime in the next week so relax – no rush).

As a going-home present (think children’s party), if you liked any of the images from the last month (plenty of you seemed to, or you just like hitting the ‘like’ button) I’ll e-mail you your favourite one if you just leave a blog comment on this post.

The usual caveats applies – I won’t e-mail it to you if you’re some sort of blog-bot and it’s just for you, not for some sexy money-making underwear advertising campaign you’re working on (no commercial use or re-use without permission – I want the little copyright symbol and my name!)


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