The blog post title is not my 3k record or anything like that.

It’s how many miles I ran  and how old I am today.

For those of you who know me you might be thinking: for a guy with the mental age of a 12 year old 41 miles is a long way to run. Alas, I only ran 12 miles today although at the end of it, mainly due to lack of fuel (fuel is the running word for eating), it felt like a 41 miler. Still, plenty of fuel tonight with home made cakes and sausages for tea.

As I have crested the hill and start to gather speed on the getting old front I can only give you the following advice on turning 41:

  • Always take your birthday off work or whatever you do to pass your days. You don’t have to go to a day-spa or anything, its just so you don’t have take it from The Man on the most important day in your life.
  • Enjoy yourself because nobody will enjoy your life for you.
  • the tongue skills you learn as a child licking a whisk of sponge cake mix are very useful when you get older and get ‘involved’ with the ladies.

Happy Birthday.

This is Patricia Velasquez – We have a lot in common – we like ladies and were both born on this day 41 years ago, although she’s uglier.


2 responses to “12:41

  1. Happy Birthday!

    Who cares if Patricia Velasquez is ugliy. What’s her 10k PB?

  2. Happy Birthday Richard, have a good one and make sure you use your tongue skills today.

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