New jocks, please

When I came home from work this evening there was a plump brown envelope sitting in my post box.

Result! though I. The end of my money worries.

Now a lifetime of corrupt practices lay in front of me – ones I’d be paid for.

No such luck.

After discovering the contents of said brown envelope I had one of those ‘pre-exam‘ moments that can lead to brown underpants.

Knowing that I have been enjoying my running of late (enjoy=not take seriously) I knew that my forward planning of last November was now coming home to roost.

So, I said, I’d better check the engine and I laced up my shoes and ducked out for a 6 mile run just before this evenings dinner- 3 slow, 3 fast was the plan.

The slows were recovery effort and the fasts were supposed to be ’10 mile conversation pace’. That’s a running term for ‘I think I’m going to cough up a lung.’

I was hoping for 7:30 for the fast ones so I could dream of something faster on the day.

I am delighted to report that I clocked 3 miles at 7:07 – 7:09.

Good as it is, the pace is all a bit too little too late but the consistency is what impresses me. I am normally one of those people who you could not rely on to pace a marathon.

I’m now stuck between my two strategies:

Run the course twice on the day to make a 20 mile long run and mask my lack of pace.

Run it once with everyone else and just accept my fate as a not-as-fast-as-I-once-was runner.

Any advice?


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