Adult Decisions

For all of you (few) souls who look forward to ambiguous blog posts and titles that have little or no link to running I can confirm that this blog post title has nothing to do with either adult (in the Amsterdam in your 20’s definition of the word) behaviour or decisions (in the parent in your 40’s definition of the word).

You might want to read that paragraph a few times.

Basically it means that this brief post is about running.

Or not running more specifically.

I went out for a ‘test the engine’ 4 mile run yesterday morning at around 08:00 to see if my cough had packed it’s bags and was handing back the keys. Despite God doing everything in his power to make it one of those ‘being alive is great’ mornings the sad anoraky facts from the face of my Garmin told a different story.

I was doing 8:00 – 8:20 min miles which should equate  to about a 135 – 142 heart rate on  a flat course for me. The garmin was showing 158 – 162 and I could feel it (i.e. not just a glitch in the Garmin). That’s a good 15 –  20 bpm higher than it should be which is a sign I can’t ignore.

Now, slow I can live with (the path to true enlightenment is acceptance and all that) but not with the clutch slipping and the engine revving like a granny driving home from bridge/bingo/prayers/etc.

So I’ve decided to skip the Ballycotton ’10’ next Sunday. This is about as grown up as  I normally get and I know it might seem trivial but this is a BIG decision for me. I reckon that if I really want  to do the Wicklow Way and the Highland Fling (or either) and derive some enjoyment from them then knackering myself out on a fast 10 mile race with a chest infection/congestion is stupid. A stupid that I would have weeks to wallow in.

I may be well enough on Sunday to knock out another long run or a medium run but a gentle few hours at 8:30min/mile is a different kettle of fish to a set of 10  6:5x – 7:0x miles where,if in full CV health  (that’s cardiovascular), you’d need the heart at 160 – 175.

So good luck to all who make it to Ballycotton and to all who make it around the course.

It looks like it will be a cold day. Having had a mild few weeks this will deliver good times for plenty of people who will perform better in the cold (not the whippets up the front though).


One response to “Adult Decisions

  1. Must be a Cork thing. Grellan is also getting his excuses in early with a similar thing.

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