Nothing to do with running

My recovery from the Highland Fling is going slower than I thought. This is mainly because I have a ‘bit of a chest’ as my mother’s generation would say.

My generation (or me to be precise) would say I have either double pneumonia,  a pulmonary embolism or throat cancer. Most likely it’s all three.

This presents itself in me sounding like a 1970’s Fiat mirafiori in the morning as I struggle to turn the engine over.  The fact that the running is showing a HR about 15 BPM higher than it should also shows that I’m only running on 3 cylinders.

the reason for this is because, as I alluded to in my last post (or the one before that),  of my prediction for cross dressing and standing about looking like a reject from a transvestite convention in the freezing cold so that my brother could look good for his 40th Birthday.

Attention to detail – the puppy & the basket!



For all the straight men out there thinking this look could work for them I have the following advice:

  • You will freeze your block and tackle off.
  • It is very hard to look elegant as you scratch your ass in a dress.
  • There is something very WRONG about lifting up a dress when at the urinal.



3 responses to “Nothing to do with running

  1. David Waterman

    Got a bit of a semi looking at that pic, Rich 😉

  2. I thought that’s why women wore running skirts — so they can lift up their dresses at the urinal.

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