By degrees

I had a quiet and almost running free weekend although I did spare a thought for the Cork City Marathon folks as I rolled over in my bed yesterday morning.

West Cork was beautiful despite the 50mm of rain we got on Saturday. I’d post up some photographs except my ‘smart’ phone has done something dumb and had deleted all the photographs from the weekend.

The response of the kids to simple pleasures like rock pooling, messing about in the surf, feeding donkeys and eating choc-ices would make you wonder why you travel to Southern Europe for your holidays. It would make you wonder until you realised you were wearing 3 layers of clothes and had the rads on (…….sneaks off to book flights to Italy).

Despite my lack of running (one easy 5 mile hill jaunt to burn off some beer) I did take a small step on the road to joining the ultra running tribe. I already have the ill-fitting and mis-matched running gear and toilet habits of a bear so apart from some sort of hydration rucksack and a pair of off-road shoes I’m almost there.

Except of course for that fashion faux-pas that is the 12-in-1 bandana.

The 12-in-1 what? I hear you say. Who buys this shit? I hear you say. You know, the thing that euro-porn actors, children’s TV presenters and ultra running  aficionados wear in and around their heads.

Sure, they make you look like a mid-1980’s new-romance refugee but I’m well-informed that they also keep you cool/warm/mozzie-free/dust-free. They’re the Cillit BANG of the ultra running world. (what they are to the euro-porn world, I’m not sure)

My only problem with them is that you normally have to shell out a fortune for what is essentially a bit of dodgy fashion fabric. I picked mine up in one of those oriental trinket shops so beloved of the under-10’s (I have 3 of them – under-10’s, not trinket shops); the sort of shops where you can buy silk scarves, nose studs and incense, the sort of shop where everything has to cost pocket-money prices.

So, for €7 I now look like Sportacus and am waiting for my call-backs from my euro-porn try-outs. It is by degrees that they get you.


3 responses to “By degrees

  1. you should move to america with those bandanas. that or to an emerging raw food community in Hawaii.

  2. Photos or it didn’t happen. Not in a porn setting, though.

  3. Dave Waterman

    You’re about five years too late for the limited edition Pirate Buff, I’m afraid mate.

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