Running it off

Work (a verboten subject on this blog) took me to Killarney last week for a conference. As the conference ended I decided to try and run up Mangerton again. If you remember my 3mph post you’ll have realised I had un-finished business with the mountain.

Anyhow, about a gallon and a half of beer and 4 hours sleep, followed by a career defining meeting lead me to modify my mountain plan and I said I’d try to run off my hangover in Muckross National Park.

Have you ever watched a war or cowboy movie where the hero wades through the river in his boots and pants? The little voice inside your head is saying – that looks cool but I bet he has cold wet toes and a cock and balls the size of a chipolata and some  peanut M&Ms.

That’s what running off a hangover is like. A great concept that is proven to be a shit idea once you actually start running.

The fluid around your brain is AWOL so every step is like a little mini-car crash. Every slight up-hill sends the throbbing pain behind your eyes shooting through your eyes as your heart rate tries to keep you going.

Still, at the end of it I managed make it back to the car, despite getting lost.

I’m a bit averse to National Parks as they conjour up images of over priced tea and scones and having to walk at that pace reserved for shopping with your wife (just above a homeless tramp’s pissed-in-his-pants shuffle). When you’re not tramp-piss  shuffling you’re normally running in the crouched position trying to prevent one of your kids from face planting over a tree stump or root. All the while trying not to see your future as one of the old people who get taken-out by their adult kids to enjoy the park.

Men would rather sit on the couch smelling their own farts on a Sunday afternoon – well, most of the men I know.

All that said, Muckross was great. Kind of like the side of Loch Lomond but on a smaller scale. For trail ultras training I thought the terrain was better than slogging up a mountain as it had more of that undulating trail with little technical bits of scrambling over rocks and that sort of think thrown in as well.

I’d definitely run there again but maybe with less beer on me.

I’ll up-date you on my (non) running plans in the next post………I know, it’s like waiting for the season finale to Homeland (or the Killing or Lilyhammer or whatever substitutes weekly organised religious worship in your life).
In the meantime I want to set you up for my most recent project with some before pictures.

I’m not sure what I’m going to call the blog posts for this project. Some ideas floating around are:

You can polish shit

Operation Transformation – two-wheel edition

Look for the beauty inside

Beauty is only skin deep but rust goes to the bone
































3 responses to “Running it off

  1. I like the smell of my own farts.

  2. What is this farts business?

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