Karma Phone

On the running front I had two events of note in the last week:

On Friday I went out for a 10 miler into the countryside in the evening as a way of building up an appetite for a feed of pints (it worked) that evening. As I hit the 9.5 mile mark I made the horrifying discovery that my phone and my shorts had parted company somewhere in the previous 9.5 miles.

And I was still wearing my shorts.

I hightailed it home, grabbed the wife’s phone and a reflective vest and the bicycle and started back on my route.

I had stopped at halfway to check e-mails (really I was having a piss but I can multi-task) so I really only had 5 miles to search.

My only hope of finding the phone was to constantly phone it and hope to either see it, hear it or pray that someone would pick it up.

To prove the existence of God or good karma or whatever I was on my 5th or 6th dialling of the phone (I had covered less than half a mile) when it was answered by someone. A teenager had heard it ringing out in the middle of no where as he walked past and had picked it up. I blurted out my thanks and then had to pedal my bike as fast as my legs could manage to the teenager (about 3 miles away – I had promised to be there in 5 minutes).

They say God is everywhere.

(The back story on this is that I had found an iPhone on this same route one morning about 2 years ago and had re-united it with it’s owner – his mother told me my good turn would be rewarded – )

The second running event happened on Sunday when I ran my first race under 30 miles in nearly 2 years. It was the local 4 mile turkey trot.

It was for a good cause  and I ran it with my brother-in-law. I finished a few seconds  over 30 minutes but it was really a case of a 2 mile jog at 8 min + and a progression to under 7 min/mile at the end.

The time was grand and seeing as I haven’t trained for short fast stuff in well over a year I was OK with it (although it is almost 4 mins slower than my 4 mile PB).  Still, when you see the alpha males finishing at the head of the field you are tempted to do a bit of tempo work to get up there with them.

I hadn’t run one of these short races in a long time and what struck me was the clear gap between the shiny new gear, best of everything, matching top/leggings/socks crew and the I piss in a ditch, smell like a tramp and look like I stole his clothes crew.

I was happy to see that I had progressed to the tramp look. Hole in my shorts, the wrong socks, un-flattering top.

Makes no difference to your performance.

Less running in the next post.


2 responses to “Karma Phone

  1. its the clean living, glad you got it, happy Xmas Richard

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