I may have spoken a bit too soon about my training going not so bad.

Since my rant about the weather last week I’ve had two trip  to the physio for my dickey hip/sacroiliac joint. Treatment mainly involves me having my legs bent in various directions and then lying on my stomach with my underpants pulled half way down as pins are stuck into my arse.

I hope it works.

I’ve had a few runs in my new high-tech anti-blister drymax trail socks and I’m still undecided on them. The runs weren’t long enough to work up any sort of a blister but they make you look like you’ve got for a run in a pair of stout walking socks by mistake. They also make your shoes appear one size too small (because they’re so thick). If I make it to the start of the Wicklow Way Ultra next Saturday week I’ll wear them and let you know how I get on.  I’ll try and log a decent run this weekend and if it goes without any seriously crippling side effects then I’ll head for Wicklow next weekend. I’m only treating these races as time on my feet and to test equipment and food so the pace/conditioning doesn’t really bother me.

The title of the blog post comes about from the amazing stats that WordPress have been able to produce for me based on how people stumble across this blog. I won’t bore you with the obvious search terms but below is a list I’ve culled for your enjoyment. How they found me from these search terms is a matter for Google to explain.

These search terms are harmless/weird/funny depending on your outlook but if anybody knows what reflectoporn is would they let me know?


“jeremy paxman” west cork
“pissing in a doorway”
a dog named elderly
a puppy called puberty
ancient symbols for death
armless biker
bdsm beirut
bdsm diy
bdsm milf
be honest and fear not
beirut bdsm
beirut girl
beirut milfs
beirut milfs
big balled men
big balls mens
big tits
bosena big women big body full weight women full sex big pic
breastfeeding tits
bulgarian shot putter
citroen bx 1994
civil engineering in taxi
disco sucks t shirt
dog training gay leather
donald sandeman
ducati girl
duss dolphin center have a slide
elvis taxi, beirut
escort in beirut
eyelashes for cars
fluffy white dogs
get tit background
girl crowd
good night ducati girls
hairy chested big balled men
hairy chested men
hairy farting
happy birthday rabbit pig
hard nipples
heary chested men
hirsute men
how do i buy rainbows for pet salon
how to control your arousal
how to tape nipples marathon
ireland fairy tree
irish milf
irish urban search and rescue unit
it’s been like a dog with 2 dicks
jean byrne leather with zip
lingerie cork
michael d higgins leprechaun
milf bdsm
milfs in beirut
mitsubishi msx
mrs jenkins toenails
nipples sore
penguin bars
poems on sore knees
porno sportacus 1
princess pet salon rainbows
russian shot putter
russian woman shotputter
see through panties blog
see through panty blogspot
see thru panties
see thru panty blog
sex tit
sexy holiday
shave off birthday, -cake, -phil, -conan, -laden, -her
skimpy shorts cork
sport boy naturist
sportacus kids real shoes
st patrick’s day beirut
stache of amerigo
straight transvestite
sucking tits
swedish girls antiparos
tag mural
tape nipples
tape your nipples
taxi rates beirut
taxis in cork mercedes
the biggest ladies mini
tight ass
two door whores
what kid of tree is “the fairy tree”



2 responses to “Searching

  1. How can so many sexually explicit related searches lead directly to your a blog about running. The mind boggles. And as for ‘hairy chested big balled men’ there are some strange cookies out there. God bless the internet

  2. Hope that gay hip of your’s gets sorted. Quick sharp. MtM

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