Cold Spoon

I’m having an enforced week of no running in an attempt to see if will help speed up my recovery from my dicky hip/knee/leg.

I feel good enough to go out and get injured tonight so in order to channel that running energy I’m updating the blog  in order to prevent myself from pulling on my shoes – a sort of running version of a tap with a cold spoon……….

I had a physio session today and had a whole new set of pins stuck into me. My sacroiliac joint is no longer sore but my tensor fasciae latae (TFL) on the left side is sore at the trochanter.

Your what?

Basically, stand with your hip relaxed and stick your fingers into the front of the femur where it sticks into the pelvis (your femoral trochanter) . If this is very sore  (exquisite is the word for this sort of pain if you’re into adjectives)  then you’re in the same boat as me. This leads to instability in the hip and knee (that’s me!) and this causes pain.

My spazzy calf last week was probably me trying to pretend that running a mountain marathon is all easy peasy and not a bother the previous week whereas in fact it was a big deal. I probably ended up running on my forefoot to compensate for the knee pain caused by the TFL thing. The physio said it should go away fairly quickly if I rested and stretched as it was sore at the insertion into the soleus (the muscle under the two big bulgy ones you can see on the outside of the calf) which is not as scary as closer to the ankle (less blood, harder to heal and all that stuff).

So, how has no running for a week left me?

Full of energy, busy around the house, helpful, rested, finishing off all the DIY jobs I’ve been long fingering, less gaunt, more healthy looking, super productive at work.  The sort of situation you don’t want either your spouse or employer to get too used to.

It has made me realise that the people who keep telling us that running is good for stress relief and your mental health are probably talking about 5 or 10 miles a week and not 45 to 85 miles.

I haven’t forgotten about the race report for the Ballyhoura Mountain  Marathon. I’ll write it up later in the week but I’m a little reluctant to make too much of a deal about it. I mean, a small, friendly race with amazing scenery, a great course, good value for money, well supported and marked, a great feed afterwards and a certificate and a medal………..I don’t want to spoil that!


2 responses to “Cold Spoon

  1. That bit about the stress – my wife disagrees. Only this Friday she informed me she can always tell when a marathon is close as I’m so much more relaxed and happier,

  2. I’m the same — amazing what you can get done around the house when bloody running doesn’t get in the way.

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