The longest journey

One of my irregular readers (Ewan) has made some veiled threats that long and meandering blog posts are not his cup of tea.

So, here goes, a brief post:

I am now up to 2.5 miles on my long run (that’s not a decimal point error) .

I was out for a run yesterday during our local marathon and making it home with 2.5 miles on the legs without them falling off was a great achievement.

The hardest part of such short runs? Apart from the humiliation it’s the fact that my mind is planning the next ultra marathon when I reach 5 pain free miles.

Some 20th Century despot (or national hero depending on your IP address) said that the longest journey begins with a single step.

I’m on my long journey.



7 responses to “The longest journey

  1. Lao Tse was a 20th century despot?

  2. I hope your recovery is quick, Richard. There’s a a flat 36 miler at the end of July in West Cork if you’re interested ?
    Hopefully I’ll see you at a start line, in the not too distant future.

  3. I’m with you brother..every step of that 2.5 mile run.

    • Thanks for the words of support. My physio has done some of the groin massage and I can testify to its lack of comfort. I think all my trouble now stems from an unstable knee causing problems north & south (tensor fascia latae & soleus)

      Next week it’ll be different.

  4. That’s “Ewen” mate — get it right!

    Beautiful post — up there with the three short posts from Thomas.

    BTW, I regularly read via the soon to be defuct Google Reader.

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