The Swedish Model

I’ve been away in Gothenburg in Sweden for a week with work which has seen me spending too much on drink (€8 pints) and running less than I would have liked (work).

The lack of running makes me think that all my injury worries have gone away but I think the reality is that I have a chronic injury (knee) that reacts to over use by making my hip and calf sore.  This seems to have been the case for at least 18 months.  The benefit of having more aspiration than ability is that I am never frustrated by an inability to fulfil my potential.

Being in Sweden has made me think about the differences between where I live and the Nordic countries. While there is much to admire here (the 7 foot tall girls) I realise that I am a product of my up-bringing. It is true that there is no dog shit or litter on the footpaths and everybody cycles everywhere, wears white pants, is thin, polite and generally handsome. But it only serves to make you ask the question: where are all the moderately over-weight, chip eating, badly dressed, pissing on the street, pasty skinned, struggling to survive people who make up the diversity of the human race that make up society?

I suspect that with the level of personal self-control that I’ve seen in this society it must find an outlet somewhere. I’ve been cooped up in meetings for the week I’ve been here so I haven’t worked out whether they find their outlet in death metal concerts, binge drinking, casual sex with like minded tall blond people in the back of their Volvos or sweating it out of themselves in the sauna.

Still, they have nice sunsets.



One response to “The Swedish Model

  1. In my fantasy they are opting for ‘casual sex with like minded tall blond people in the back of their Volvos ‘.. I am fair haired.. Does Sweden have a scrappage scheme to allow for a purchase of a Volvo ?… Also, you’ll have to get that hip sorted before hitting the back seat 😉

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