Part of getting “older” seems to include some element of the world seeming more complex than when we were “younger”.  We feel adrift.

This might be that as we get older we choose to ignore lots of the noise in life (pop bands, celebrity chatter and so on) which makes us lose touch with the Zeitgeist.

Or memory loss.

I can’t remember.

This general feeling of drift is reinforced when we are presented with reminders of our youth.

For me, these reminders are either old equipment (cars, bicycles, motorbikes, tools and so forth) or hairy porn.  Neither of which look like making a comeback any time soon.

As this is a 12s accompanied blog I’ll leave you with a suitable image to explain to you what I mean.

No airbags here

No airbags here



One response to “Oh!

  1. They don’t make cars (and bikes) like they used to. Thank God.

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