On top of the world.

On top of the world.

There is a common belief in Ireland that people from Cork have a superiority complex.

I’d disagree.

They don’t really feel their superior to everyone else, they know it.

A bit like being a Texan, a Corkonian will tell you his opinion as if it were fact and whether you want to hear it or not.  Invariably he’s right and the passage of time will confirm it.

Last Friday night I dragged my kids into the city centre to welcome home Robert Heffernan, World 50k race walk champion. My kids were excited to be out and about well past their bed-time. I bumped into Brendan and his kids as well. My status as middle aged was confirmed as I nudged my kids ans said: Remember tonight – this is special.  My kids were fighting over a balloon.

After the open top bus came to a halt and the local radio compère finished his words of welcome the mic was handed to Rob Heffernan.  The crowd grew silent and listened to his words of gratitude. He (the most humble of World Champions)  praised us, the crowd, for coming out to greet him. He said nothing in Dublin, or Moscow could have prepared him for this homecoming.

All of that was to be expected.

Y’see, when Rob is out training in Cork will always shout encouragement at average plodders like myself. A “You’re looking great, keep it up!” from Rob will shave 30 seconds off you mile splits.  Decent.

But then Rob said something that confirmed my theory about Cork people. Rob told us how, having travelled the world and competed against the best, he firmly believes that Cork people are different, better than everyone else.

This confirms my ABCD theory:

Ah, But Cork is Different!



One response to “ABCD

  1. I said the same to my kids … They just smiled and asked why??? Joe got a flag handed to him from the bus and the girls got an autograph…
    It was a great night!

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