I’ve had my longest lay-off from running in the last 5 years over the last week. This has made me  realise that running may not be an addiction but, like wanking, it can be habit forming.

I had 6 consecutive non-running days in the last week.This started as a consequence of getting locked into a pub last weekend and then doing an “easy” (i.e. semi-drunk) 10 miles of hills in a storm.

As I sobered up over the rest of the day I realised that I was no longer 25 and pub lock-ins were now the same as recovering from a minor stroke.

Then I started to feel what the Scots would call the Dreaded Lurgy. This is the sort of perpetual sniffle and vague cold/’flu that you get from never wearing a coat because of the gulf stream.

Of course I ignored it. So it got worse.

Now, a week later I’ve reached the tipping point where I’d rather run with a blocked nose and a bit of a chest rather than sit on the couch any more.  I went out for a nice short 4 miler this morning. Hopefully that’ll encourage the DL to shag off.

The up-side of the week off running is that I have Steve Austin’s legs (a reference that boys from the 70’s will get).

I got this nice shot of a local wheelchair athlete warming up for a race as I was coming to the end of my run.




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