Down time

After my last post I thought that my running had had it’s annual week off and I’d be able to get back to destroying my body for another year. A combination of continuing to burn the candle at both ends with work and travel and choosing to completely ignore my health has meant that I am now into week 3 of feeling poorly. I’m munching through a course of antibiotics as I type this as I was starting to turn into one of those characters from a movie about the Ebola virus that dies during the opening credits.

To maintain my running I bought some half price shoes (the 2013 shoe I normally use) over the weekend. Like polishing your gun during the off season.

As an aside, I had to visit a newly opened “walk in clinic” to get my dose of medicine as my GP was off home by the time I got around (my wife telling me) to visiting the doctor. The clinic advertises that it does ‘flu, coughs and colds and routine things like lumps, bumps and vasectomies.  Think about that for a while. Vasectomies are now routine – like popping out to get a sliced pan and a litre of milk.

My slide towards pointless outrage hasn’t stopped yet.



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