A momentary lapse of reason

I have done something in the past week that I have never done before.

Go to work with no underpants? No, did that before.

Dress up in women’s clothes?  Click here


While sipping the medicinal glass of wine on Thursday night to anaesthetise the crushing reality of life I (via the miracle of the internet) entered a marathon in two weeks time.

Now, while I may portray myself as some sort of spontaneous adventurer I have normally done the sums in my head that ensure that even though I may sail close to the wind of failure, I generally manage to tack away from it to ensure that I make it back to port (A boaty metaphor meaning I have some level of training done!)

Not so in this case. The Clonakilty Waterfront Marathon has been entered off a base of 2×10 mile runs. This is leaving an awful lot to “muscle memory” – that mythical concept that means that you are generally too stupid to know when to give up.

My training will go something like this:

A few medium runs of 13 – 18 miles and then a very slow marathon eating aldi snickers bars and mini-packs of gummi-bears with the hope of finding some 100-marathon club types who would enjoy 3 or 4 hours of rabbiting on about shite on the day.

At least it will get me out of the house for a morning.

I’d better tell my wife now so she doesn’t have a conniption.

Pub now for a tactical discussion with the brother-in-law about next year’s plans (note: tactical discussion is a special code for both of us egging the other on to do stupid things that our respective wives would not approve of.)




One response to “A momentary lapse of reason

  1. What’s the problem? You’ll finish it on muscle memory alone.

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