The plan – the human heart

I managed a 16 miler yesterday in weather that can, at best, be described as porridge. Dull, grey and flavourless.

My energy gel for the run was sitting on the 3rd step of the stairs at home where I’d left it when I was lacing up the shoes.  This just made the run drag a bit as I didn’t even have the gel to look forward to – the running equivalent of having to do all your homework in black biro with no colouring pens to jazz it up a bit.

But, now that that’s done I  am not so frightened of making a bags of the marathon next Saturday.  I might still make a bags of it but I won’t be frightened by it.

My plan now is to go for what Grellan would call a cut in (start really slowly) and then do what would be called a negative split (finish the second half faster than the first).

But I suspect that the plan will stay there.  What is likely to happen is that I’ll head out about 15 – 20 seconds too fast per mile and at mile 17 remark on how easy it all seems only to drag my sorry ass home for 7 or 8 miles to the finish.

Still, I’m alive and able to do it and for the first time in about 3 years my knees have no pain in them so on we go.

To finish, a nice bit of street art I spotted this morning.

All heart

All heart




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