Most sports have reached the point where, barring doping and genetic manipulation, the only advantages that can be eked out are the incremental changes. This, we are told, is the new frontier of sports science.

The laboratory modifications to the racing bicycle, the tweaking of the diet, the refinement of the running shoe, the high altitude oxygen tent, the shaving of the scrotum…..

the last one might still be in development…..

But this isn’t new science, this is just lazy journalism. Making up stories to separate the athlete’s performance from our spectating.

Look at this old Ducati racing bike. Look at the incremental changes that have been made to reduce the weight of the bike.



OK, if you’re not mad into the smell of 2-stroke (that’s a type of engine as opposed to some sort of premature ejaculator) I’ll run through them with you:

There’s the removal of the clutch cover (the exposed black disk in the gearbox under the engine); the single, ball crushing, seat with no padding; the drilled rear brake linkage (that long strip of metal reaching back to the rear wheel with the holes in it) and my favourite: the drilled foot peg made from aluminium.






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