Brand Loyalty

Today, we hear a lot about building brand loyalty.  About making sure the employees and the public feel a level of ownership around your brand; that they’re engaged with it.

All of this to make them into that magic being: the consumer

How is this achieved? Loyalty schemes and lots of cheap tat that clutters your wallet/purse/car/desk.

If you put the word crappy in front of anything you use daily you have the general idea (cap, cup, pen, tee-shirt, toilet paper, the list is endless).

There was a time when the brands actually cared about your loyalty and invested in good merchandise.

Eat your egg with us!


2 responses to “Brand Loyalty

  1. A few points on this. Customer is generally who you aim your loyalty schemes at. Consumers is probably not the term. Also what about those cool things for spokes for your bike that Kelloggs gave way for years? Or the great free pens and memory sticks that CIMA Ireland give out?!

  2. Also, crappy toilet paper. Surely that’s the “after” consumption adjective? It reminds me of an email I got today when the sender said that she was doing her upmost to help.

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