The why question – part 1

My lack of blogging over the past month is down to a number of factors.

All completely within my control but for anyone beyond my family who cares the main point to understand is that my running is going fine.

My target race at the end of May is still on the cards and apart from a really sore (i.e. will banjax me) left Achilles  all is well.

The long runs are up to 20 miles at the moment on  a handful of jellies and a swig of water so a longer race with a better eating plan should be possible – a case of hope over planning.

In relation to the question why do I run I have come up with several answers.

Rather than tax your tabloid/social media attention span with a 20 minute essay on the various reasons I’ll start you off with the most basic reason why I run:

For this I want you to think of this question:

Why does a dog lick his balls?

If your answer is because they taste nice then you’re on the wrong tact (and the wrong website!)

No, he does it because he can.

And that’s the primary reason why I run.

Because my balls taste nice Because I can.

I mean that it’s what humans have evolved to do. It’s our competitive advantage over every other species on the planet. We have the gift of endurance. We can metabolise fat as a fuel to keep us going, we have blood flow and sweat glands that allow us to keep our brains cool as we run, we even have a special muscle/ligament structure at the back of our necks that keeps our heads stable as we run (like a caveman steady-cam for our forward facing predator eyes).

We have extended this advantage to allow us to cover the world and to endure stress like no other species. All the endurance sports you can think of grow from this. Our relationship with other animals, particularly dogs and horses is based on this shared endurance.

So, on a fundamental level that is why I run – it’s what we’re supposed to do.

I’m sure, as I get older this will turn into cycling and brisk walks up hills and in forests to “enjoy the fresh air”

There is another reason why I run that goes beyond the idea of self-fulfillment that you do get from doing something that from the outset seems impossible but I’ll save all of that for part 2 of this answer.


One response to “The why question – part 1

  1. Ball licking on April 1st ??

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